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C2 HEALTHCARE is a Business Intelligence Consulting Firm that combines the power of their OPTIX reporting with proven coaching models – realizing unmatched labor savings. C2 works alongside your team to implement a system that impresses a culture of continuous improvement.

Our approach can be implemented in any Healthcare organization regardless of budget or size – typically producing a 30-1 Return on Investment without focusing on the use of layoffs/ short-term fixes.

The C2 Difference

  • C2 achieves cost savings without the use of layoffs
  • Powered by a cost-based labor management system (OPTIX)
  • C2 challenges each department to perform at an observed historical best (rather than external benchmarking)
  • C2 empowers frontline managers with OPTIX tools
  • C2 teaches proactive management practices
  • C2 develops managers into their institution’s own “internal consultants”
  • Improvement through daily management tools. Managers understand the impact their labor expenses have on the institution’s bottom-line
  • C2 gains buy-in from the frontline managers by establishing “roadmaps” to clearly achieve their targets
  • The C2 team works directly with each leader (from the C-Suite to departmental managers) – creating awareness and transparency, embedding a culture of continuous improvement

Return on Investment typically exceeds 30-1




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“Measurement creates awareness, awareness leads to intentionality, and intentionality drives behavior.”

Matthew KellyMotivational Speaker

“I absolutely love these tools!!! I have worked with MANY productivity tools in my management career, but these are the best”

Renee B. -RN, BSN, MBA, MSMNurse Director

“Information is power. Raw data is useless.”

Jane M. -RN, BSN, MBA, MSM Chief Nursing Officer

“Our facility’s leaders have made tremendous strides in managing labor cost more efficiently.  The firm’s productivity tools/reports were easy to incorporate into our day-to-day business and continue to be our primary sources of tracking productivity.  Their staff is top notch – proven experts in the field”

Michael D.Hospital CFO

“Abundance of intuitive, easy-to-use staffing tools that provide the blueprint for how each manager will achieve their targets.  The tools eliminate the guesswork.”

Jane R.Hospital CNO

“The tools provide immediate evidence of the impact of every hour that an associate works. Working with our Capitol Consulting team we have impacted change through transparency and the commitment of our leadership.”

Louise T. PhD, MsBA, RN, NE-BC Hospital CNO
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