“Measurement creates awareness, awareness leads to intentionality, and intentionality drives behavior.”

Matthew Kelly

Motivational Speaker

“I absolutely love these tools!!! I have worked with MANY productivity tools in my management career, but these are the best that I have seen at being able to help you figure out where/why you have missed your targets. They are easy to do and don’t give you a bunch of extraneous info. I was skeptical at first but I’m a believer now that I have used them for several pay periods, especially using the two in conjunction with each other.”

Renee B. -RN, BSN, MBA, MSM

Nurse Director

“Information is power. Raw data is useless.”

Jane M. -RN, BSN, MBA, MSM

Nurse Director

“Having been engaged with C2 HEALTHCARE for the past two years and partnering on labor productivity, our facility’s leaders have made tremendous strides in managing labor cost more efficiently.  The firm’s productivity tools/reports were easy to incorporate into our day-to-day business and continue to be our primary sources of tracking productivity.  Their staff are top notch – proven experts in the field, as well as the technical components of the reporting.  All in all, though the journey tackling improvement opportunities in labor productivity can be rigorous, C2 HEALTHCARE are excellent partners and thoroughly know how to work with and support a healthcare facility and its team members.”

Michael D.

Hospital CFO

“What I appreciate the most about our relationship with C2 HEALTHCARE is the abundance of intuitive, easy-to-use staffing tools that provide the blueprint for how each manager will achieve their targets.  The tools eliminate the guesswork.  Additionally, with the ultimate goal of meeting targeted cost per unit of service, managers are invited to get creative with their staffing mix.”

Jane R.

Hospital CNO

“Working with C2 HEALTHCARE provided my team with access to tools that provided valuable assistance with labor management. These tools offered our leadership an opportunity to gain a heightened awareness on cost per unit of service. The tools provide immediate evidence of the impact of every hour that an associate works. Working with our C2 HEALTHCARE team we have impacted change through transparency and the commitment of our leadership to the daily discipline of monitoring and recording unit activities. Additionally, we have enjoyed the support of an engaged consulting team who provided the opportunity for open dialogue noting the individual unit needs and nuances.”

Louise T. PhD, MsBA, RN, NE-BC

Hospital CNO

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