Our Story Est. 1998

C2 HEALTHCARE was acquired by Impact Advisors, a leading health management consulting firm, in 2022. Pairing Impact Advisors’ clinical, operations, analytics and IT experience with C2 HEALTHCARE’s focus on developing proactive management, providing timely productivity reporting, and enhancing the stewardship of organizational resources, enables our healthcare clients to decrease labor costs while improving quality and safety, reducing burnout, and enhancing patient experience.


The mission of C2 HEALTHCARE is to assist healthcare institutions with fiscal responsibility and cost reduction through a proactive management approach centered on management development, timely productivity reporting and enhanced stewardship of resources.

The approach of C2 HEALTHCARE is eminently straightforward. We work with organizations to enhance profitability and reduce cost by creating an environment of fiscal accountability through the use of strong expectations, management training, timely information, and proactive change.

Healthcare institutions around the country strive for change by setting expectations and holding management accountable to meet the expected results. This is extremely important. However, this is similar to taking a journey with a starting point and a destination, without a map or driving instructions. The manager needs more training, information, and accountability to achieve the desired expectations. We provide the missing components: the map and the driving instructions.

Guiding Principles

Our management approach involves these six guiding principles:

  • Set clear management expectation
  • Communicate with the individuals responsible for meeting the expectation
  • Train the front-line manager for dynamic management
  • Provide the front-line manager with the ability to proactively manage the established expectations
  • Provide bi-weekly and monthly performance feedback to assess progress
  • Foster accountability and long-term performance improvement


1991 David J LeClercq started in small consulting firm. Grew from 40 members to 250 in 6 years.
1997 DJL named Executive Director of Operations Improvement at Georgetown University Hospital to perform turnaround.
1998 Capitol Consulting, LLC formed after GUH turnaround complete. Complete transformation of “consulting model” and approach developed.
2000 Capitol Consulting, LLC Opened main office in Chicago, Il. Introduction of the Bi-weekly Productivity Report and Productivity Checkbook.
2003 Initial turnaround in Catholic Healthcare Partners (Mercy Hospital Scranton). Named Top 20 Turnarounds in Modern Healthcare.
2004 Implemented model at Georgia Cancer Coalition at Grady Health System. New paradigm of performance and quality barriers realized.
2007 University Hospital GA, Mercy Hospital Buffalo and others join. The start of spreading referrals in the industry.
2010 OPTIX loaded on-line and accessed webbased. Growth in additional networks increases. Family tree established.
2012 Capitol Consulting,LLC and OPTIX spread to Ireland. Market Square Partners formed.
2016 Capitol Consulting,LLC and CHRISTUS Health begin Improvement Process journey.
2019 CCLLC unveils brand refreshment – C2 HEALTHCARE; Develops/ introduces OPTIX 2.0; Currently maintains over 145 Reporting Relationships and counting…
2022 C2 HEALTHCARE is acquired by Impact Advisors, LLC.
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