Are there “positives or lessons learned” we can learn from this challenging time?

Author: David J. LeClercq

It does not seem like we are doing much of the same as we used to in 2020 as we have done in the past. This has been incredibly challenging, and every industry is looking for new ways to deliver their product, service, and in your case patient care. As bumpy as a road as this has been there also have been many “work arounds” and new procedures. We all have started to evaluate how we work to be successful during COVID-19. Do we have a plan to maintain those new procedures or work habits as we emerge from the pandemic? All great inventions stemmed from a necessity, COVID-19 was not a necessity, however our new improvements should be carried forward. Are we going to go back to the way we used to do things or are we going to re-evaluate certain changes we have made that makes sense to continue? C2 Healthcare has been nimble for years with remote coaching and training when not on site. During this time, we have identified many new improvements to our coaching and virtual presence to enhance our client deliverables. What are some of yours?

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