Because one week is not enough

Author: Maggie Mahowald, Management Consultant C2 Healthcare

With more than 3.8 million registered nurses nationwide, nurses comprise one of the largest segments of the U.S. workforce. The backbone of many hospitals. not only do nurses serve at the bedside; they also represent about 25% of leadership roles in most organizations.

While the Covid-19 pandemic certainly had a global impact, one of the most affected groups is healthcare workers. They have had no choice but to show up, day in and day out, putting the calling of their profession above their own safety. Over the past year, nurses have picked up extra shifts to support their peers and provide quality patient care. However, all of this comes with a cost, both financial and personal.

This past year has put even more strain on a group that has historically struggled with burnout and turnover. Additionally, the allure of high-dollar travel assignments has tempted some nurses to exit their home organizations, leaving hospitals scrambling to backfill positions and compete financially.

As of October 2020, the national average for nurse turnover rates was 8.8 % to 37.0%, depending on geographic location and nursing specialty. Bringing Agency Nurses into an organization can cause added stress as core nurses are aware that their counterparts are being paid a premium to do the same job.

C2 Healthcare believes in hiring the right complement of staff that will allow your organization to expand and retract to match the fluctuating volumes experienced throughout the year. We take a close look at the use of Premium Dollars such as Overtime, Agency, and Extra Shift Incentive to aid in hiring decisions that get your staffing where it needs to be.

We have had the privilege of hearing the inspiring stories of our hospitals coming together throughout this pandemic. Nurse leaders have juggled the increased strains on their staff both in and out of the workplace. This year, the American Nurses Association has extended National Nurses Week and named May – Nurses Month. The World Health Organization has declared 2021 Year of the Nurse. C2 Healthcare is honored to take this opportunity to celebrate all of the nurses we have the opportunity to work with.


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