As we are preparing for the holidays (holiday cards, decorations, cookies), do you also have a holiday staffing plan?

Author: David J. LeClercq

This is normally a very celebratory and yet stressful time of the year. The celebration aspect is obvious, yet this stress can be made up of many ingredients. These ingredients could be shopping, meal planning, holiday cookies, pageants, road trips, an eventually the late nights up wrapping. As we prepare for the Holidays at home, are we having the same planning for the Holidays at work? Just as you make up your shopping list, you also need to look at your projected volumes within each department had appropriately staff so not to use unnecessary labor an unnecessary holiday pay. By proactively managing your resources to your patient needs, you will not only be effective with patient care and satisfaction, but you will also meet the needs of your employees and their families. If there was ever a year to allow people a break during the Holidays… 2020 is definitely that year. If there was every year from a financial perspective that you needed to appropriately staff to patient volumes… 2020 is also that year.

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