What are the effects of Covid-19 in the benchmarking world?

Author: David J. LeClercq

The world of benchmarking is often “partly cloudy to cloudy”. Questions arise such as where my peer came from, what types of patients do they really have, what is the physical layout of the unit, and so on. During COVID-19, hospitals are making many changes such as allocating resources for COVID-19 in a general department. In this event there may be many inconsistencies occurring that change the traditional makeup of a nursing unit. As an example, if you are costing out your COVID-19 nurses to a separate cost center, they will not be consistently measured as in the past. In addition to that, the typical patient that occupies a bed within the nursing department could now be a COVID-19 population which is requiring an additional layer of staffing. In other words, a patient in 2020 might not be the same as a patient in 2019. We all need to be aware of these issues and the impact of the benchmarking industry. C2 addresses that, how do you?

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