BEST PRACTICE ANALYSIS “OPTIX information is power. Raw data is useless.” – Jane M, CNO

There are many ways to project savings: industry benchmarking, straight X% decrease for each department, overall X% decrease for the entity… At C2 HEALTHCARE we do not believe these methods are successful or deliver the repeatable savings that our OPTIX system produces. RIFs do not ultimately change the staffing behavior on a department level and the positions usually find their way back into the organization a brief period later due to this reason, while also leaving a poor taste/ decreased confidence throughout the house. Benchmarking within the industry allows for many excuses because there are always barriers to fully accept those targets, as each manager believes their department is unique and often is.

So, at C2 HEALTHCARE we offer a Best Practice Analysis and evaluate the department’s performance against their own demonstrated history. A fiscal year is represented by 13 “months” (combining consecutive pay periods of total paid hours against the volume for that same period). The template allows the organization to choose the aggressiveness by department – setting the respective PHPUOS target at a benchmark that was achieved at some point during the year. The overall FTE % impact is represented by department as well as a projected salary savings based on that department’s average hourly rate.

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