Target Establishment

At C2 HEALTHCARE we pride ourselves in our ability to project stretch (but realistic) labor targets, then work closely with your frontline managers and C-Suite team to meet these goals – often exceeding them. These are not pie in the sky saving projections. The targets C2 develops are real and serve to protect healthcare institution bottom-lines.

C2 utilizes their BEST PRACTICE ANALYSIS to get the institution on the journey to cost savings and better management. We do not believe in using external benchmarks to begin this journey. Who is better to compare yourself to than your own respective departments’ internal successes? The departments have already demonstrated that they can perform at that efficient level, now they just need to do it consistently. That’s where C2’s tools come in as the roadmap.

As these labor targets are bested through more proactive management and cost focus, C2 locks those savings in the following year with the BUDGET PREPARATION TEMPLATE. Continuous improvement!

Savings grow year after year and the roadmaps evolve to ensure the team always has a method to follow to produce results.

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