Bi-Weekly Productivity Report

Oftentimes, institutions are data rich and information poor (DRIP). Solid information tells a story and enables directors and managers to plan proactively and make decisions based on timely feedback. The purpose of the OPTIX system is to pinpoint the exact cause or reason for the variance whether – or +. This way management knows exactly what to focus on to meet their goals. All without having to search through multiple monthly reports that arrive 2-3 weeks after the monthly close. Instead of 12 opportunities to reflect change, managers have the feedback and ability 26 times a year.

The Bi-Weekly Productivity Report© reflects the individual departmental productivity performance for the entire organization on a 2-week (pay period) interval, while maintaining the year to date perspective also. The report includes all hospital departments and reflects the FTE and salary statistics with relation to volume – clearly highlighting the effects of premium spending. Global and Specific Department Assessment.

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